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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2022 schedule r form

Instructions and Help about 2022 schedule r form

Hi everybody its Andrew from launched 27 and I just wanted to give a quick demo video on some new enhancements that we've made to the booking scheduler now right now it's still in beta so you're gonna have to use a special URL to access it in your account and so I'll just get right into it the biggest thing we've done is that we now let you see the team's plotted on the the calendar view directly and that was a big problem for a lot of people they just wanted to be able to see the team so that they can get up a complete picture of what's going on so before it used to look like this but now you have two different views you have a vertical view where the teams are listed like this from left to right and then there's a horizontal view where the teams are listed from top to bottom and then the times go from left to right so what else let me see so one thing you can do is you can drag this to assign it here's a booking this is right here is the list of unassigned bookings and if you can remember before we used to have this list of teams now this thing is you can hide it and show it show it hide it whatever's like that so to save you some space so that you can have as much room as possible and if you wanted to click here to look at the details you can do that so I'm just going to drag this and assign it to to somebody here wanted to go over this real quick so right here because we allowed you to set your team's availability in launch 2022 we show the ones that are available with a green background and the ones that have a pink background or who are not available during those times the ones with like a blue background are the ones where you didn't set up your availability for that team yet so I'm just gonna drag this over and assign it to a Batman and you'll see here that it looks really small because we didn't set the duration yet if you click on it you'll see that there's the duration hasn't been set yet it just says it starts 2:30 to 3:30 and one other complaint that a lot of people have was they couldn't change the duration by dragging dropping so we made that possible so just you can just drag it like that and I drag it out like that and you'll see that a little message here that says the duration was saved you click that and you can see that it's now three hours another thing you can do is so if I switch back here you can see the durations like that another thing you can do is you can drag it to assign it.


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