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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Schedule 3

Instructions and Help about Schedule 3

So welcome back my name is Ilana and then finished it all we carry on from where we left last time so we are looking at how to fill our return and the return was ideally ideally typically is a return for people who are partners you know partnership form and they would be wanting to select such kind of returns especially but it's not only that they will be having just that partnership income they may be having salmon in from work so they may we have in-house company come also they maybe have a capital gains also so it's always important to know how to fill this particular schedules as well so he definitely looked out how to fill the partnership income which they derive from their being partners in the partnership form but we have also looked at how they can equally have income house property how they can equally have income functional salary how they can equally have income from capital gains short-term but like promised I told that in this chat all we will be looking a little at long term capital these long term capital gains again when we ever talk of capital gains its to be divided in two parts one is security for this one security as far as security assets are concerned that is stocks mutual fund units and you know other things like that what typically happens is if you are in such kind of assets for a period more than 12 months and then sell then long-term capped on the enterprise I mean then it's said that you are having gains which are off long-term nature obviously you would to have gains in the first place you are buying oil into stock at hundred rupees and holding it for a period of say thirteen months now this gives this convertible gains is qualified to be Mountain capital now if those talks are listed and I sold through I can manage stock exchange then there is no tax because already securities transaction tax has been paid so typically for stocks more long-term capital gain tax is applicable if especially they are listed sold who are recognized rocket since anesthesia has been paid a steady nine securities transaction tax but the same thing but the same thing here are Venus like if it is long-term capital gains but say for non securities like Oh jewellery paintings goodwill anything here the period of holding them becomes tense it smells like say if I have if I have held over house for house the car the Greeks they have bought it in the year 2022 I am selling it in the home first held it for period of more than four years so long term so yeah it's very good important to note down here taxation will apply and the taxation is 20 percent with indexation so here I don't have choices of doing with without indexation what I typically happen to.

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