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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2021 schedule r instructions

Instructions and Help about 2021 schedule r instructions

All right in this video I'm going to show you guys how to set up the static site post scheduler for your site but before we get started two prerequisites need to happen first we need to have server lists on our machine to check if you have server lists you can type in which server lists in your terminal and should give you a path if you do not have cyrillus you can npm install server lists - G to install it globally on your machine after that installs the other thing that you need to do is set up your AWS credentials so if you don't have an AWS account I made a video of how to actually go ahead and set that up so if you go to this link and watch this quick video it'll walk you through the setup steps of setting up the servers framework on your machine and that will let you deploy the post scheduler you can also check out our Doc's there's a command config credentials that will also help you set up your AWS profile on your machine again if you don't have an AWS account you can sign up for one for free they have a full free year tier go ahead and do that all right so now that you have your AWS account set up let's get back to it so first things first we need to clone down the repository so I'm gonna go ahead and in my scratch folder you can put this anywhere on your machine I'm gonna go ahead and get clone the repository down to my machine so let's go ahead and cloning it in there so now I'm going to change directories into the post scheduler now let's go ahead and open it up in our favorite editor at them so what we need to do is first things first we want to install the dependencies so back in your terminal type NPM install that will go ahead and pull down the dependencies which is the moment library and I believe that as it and we're using Axios to do HTTP requests to github API this is a really cool promised based node and browser library alright so we've got all of our dependencies down I'm gonna go back into atom and what you should see here is a config prog that example JSON file this is actually the configuration that we need to change and put it in our own values too but first I'm going to go ahead and duplicate this and this is just an example so I'm gonna get rid of the example and we're gonna have config prod that chase on and you can notice here that it is get ignored that is because you do not want to commit up secrets to repository for people to see and steal and use etc so it's kind of a best practice there but yeah so with.